February 1963


At Teddy Reno’s restaurant “ La Forchetta “ (The Fork ) located in Ariccia on the Roman Castles, Rita received by the general manager of RCA , Giuseppe Ornato, her first Gold Record award for the sale of million record copies.





Late February 1963. Paris.


Clementine chèrie “ the movie.
Rita sings the original main theme of the same title French movie and also retaining a small role as herself.
Meanwhile, still in Paris, Rita record a first French single follow by an E.P (Extended Play ) for Barclay label, which, at the time, had under contract big artists like Jacques Brel and Sacha Distel.




Three out of four songs were international covers, the last one was “ C’est a Mon age “- “Alla mia età “ in French version.
But the main song was “ Coeur “,French cover of “ Heart “ originally sung in U.S.A by a young Wayne Newton , who later will score a tremendous worldwide success with the hit called “ Dankeshön “.

At the same time, in Italy, fact never happened before, the three Italian Rita’s singles overtake each other on top of the charts and also the first LP “Rita Pavone “ slowly start climbing up in high position.





In Spain , an Extended Play out of the same Italian album, starts opening the door for the future smashing success of Rita in Spain and in all Central and South America countries .

March 1963

Rita presents for the first time “ Coeur “ during alive evening radio show from the famous Olympia theatre in Paris and the record immediately climbs up to first twenty positions in French chart.

Back in Italy, at the end of TV “ Studio 1 “ her singles sale was over 700/750.000 copies each one.
Rita Pavone starts her first “ tasting “tour all over the country from the Southern cities of Bari, Taranto and Lecce .


Supported by an English groups ,The Rokes, also discovered by Teddy Reno, the tour scored a triumphal march for Rita.



April 1963

Incredibly, RCA seems not to be willing to publish “Cuore“ ( the Italian version of “Heart“ ), stating that it might hurt Rita’s public “imagine“ of pure teenager , but Rita following her instinct and supported by her manager Teddy Reno, finally obtains from RCA the release of “Cuore” ( Heart) on single , lyrics written by the great Carlo Rossi, who had previously signed for Rita other hits like “La partita di Pallone“, “Sul cucuzzolo“ , “Alla mia età“ and “T’ho conosciuto“.

** Curiosity: For the music accompaniment of Rita, RCA did not call any live orchestral session but used the original French track disguising the vocal background original lyrics “ Prend garde a toi “ with an electronic device.

May 1963. Madrid.

For the first time in Spain, Rita Pavone, invited as guest star in
“ Noche de Estrellas “ Saturday night show of TVE- Spain, obtains a new and glamorous personal success. The day after, she became the “ Queen “ of all front pages of almost every Spanish news papers.

June 1963


New recording session at RCA –Rome . Rita records her second album “ NON E’ FACILE AVERE 18 ANNI “ ,
among twelve songs, two of them are chosen for a single.
A side titled like the Album, B side “ Son finite le vacanze “ a graceful twist for teenagers.
This album will be published only in December 1963, showing in its sleeve a dreaming and sometimes even melancholic “new”Rita. The meaning of the record is clear: eighteen years are a difficult goal for every teenager, much more than nowadays.

July 1963


Cuore“ (Heart) becomes a single, or “ the single “ of summer 1963, a real smash hit , selling more then one million copies at that time only in Italy. A song that will become her signature song, entering on top of practically all European charts .
Rita sung her new song “Cuore”, for the first time in Italy, during “ La Fiera dei sogni “ TV show- hosted by Mike Bongiorno the most famous TV showman.
B side of the disc is “Il ballo del mattone”, out from her LP "Rita Pavone“.


Even this song became a huge teen-agerdancing hit, written by Bruno Canfora and Dino Verde, both highly – rated songs authors.
Meanwhile, the first album was well over 100.000 copies!, an unprecedented fact in Italy at that time , because kids preferred to buy the singles rather then LP’s

1963 August, 23 . Florence.

Quitting the long summer tour just for two days, Rita celebrates her 18th birthday at the Hotel Excelsior in Florence , in the wonderful Tuscany land, surrounded by her entire family, friends and fans , coming from all over the country.
RAI TV – Radio Television of Italy- dedicates a 45 minutes show to the event, a very interesting profile about her, her private life and her fans.

During this special party, she received hundreds of flowers, telegrams from all over Italy and from abroad, but the most extraordinary gift was given by her family and her manager: her first car, a small MG- Midget coloured white, seats in the red leather and very peculiar windows. A portable records player is completing the all lot, with Teddy Reno formal famous singer and now her manager, singing “ Happy Birthday to you“

September 1963- Taormina(Sicily)

RCA celebrates with a special musical party the wonderful sale results of the year . The event takes place within the splendid “ scenario “of the famous Roman Amphitheatre of Taormina. Every artists under contract with RCA is present, singing two songs each in front of an audience composed by an enthusiastic public , many important people of the show business and Media.
Rita sings “ Cuore” and “ Non è facile avere 18 anni “ the new song particularly appreciated by the audience. At the end of her performance , she received the TARGA D’ ORO AWARD as best RCA artist selling winner, with a shining diamond in top of it.

OCTOBER ,4 -1963- Berlin- Germany


Arranged, directed and produced by Werner Müller, well known orchestra director, Rita records her first German single in Berlin.
A side “ Wenn ich ein junge wär “ , B side „OK,OK !“ the German language cover of „ La partita di Pallone „. This first single will be released only on January 1964 and will reach immediately the top of German charts , thus opening new stardom doors in Germany and Austria.
Rita ,accompanied by her father Giovanni and manager Mr.Reno, took the chance for visiting the just built wall, dividing in two parts the City of Berlin and got very touched by it.

Rita’s popularity is very high by now, her records selling so well everywhere. Now the little former shirt ironer could buy for her mother not one but, maybe, one thousand fridges!!!
She’s the most popular singer not only in Europe but also in Central and South America ( Argentina, Brasil , Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia,Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba ): a real total conquest!
And it is a pity that, in those days ,the present Grammy Award for Latin America did not exist, otherwise Rita would have been the winner of all categories... **

All this was reported by the prestigious BILLBOARD and CASH
BOX, drawing the attention on Rita by RCA Victor U.S.A , whose
big bosses decide to launch Rita Pavone in the United States of


( ** Curiosity : The Grammy Award , the great prize for North American Music was born in the United States in 1938.
In the year 2000, following up a twin ship between North American and Latin American countries ,it has been enlarged also to Spanish speaking Latin American Music singers, This decision was probably due to the world wide success of many Puerto Rico’s or of Latin extraction artists like Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, Shakira and many others .

DICEMBER, 27 – 1963- New York

Rita is now in New York, always with her parents and with her personal manager Teddy Reno, in order to discuss with RCA Victor on one side, and with the William Morris Agency, on the other , the schedule of her impending recording session and, subsequently of her first promotional tour all over the States.