Rita draws the attention of the so-called Hawaiian Company, a typical dancing and singing company that successfully performs in Italy’s NATO bases, which decides to extend its tour also in various Northern Italy’s provincial theatres.
Rita replaces their original singer who, unexpectedly, falls sick.
This is her real first tour on the road having by her side as chaperon her brother Carlo.

Taking this contract was good for Rita on one side, but on the other hand, obliged her to loose her job.
“You have to choose: ironing or singing“ said the boss to Rita, the same boss who in the past used to be very accommodating with her. So Rita, supported by her entire family, decides to quit the job and give herself, soul and heart to music!

In spite of her garbled English, the success starts to come by singing with all her steam and soul, and thanks to her red hair with lots of freckles look, she even deceives the Italians audience many of them thinking she is…”American.“