A year to forget.

Disappointments are as cherries: one calls another“, so they say in Italy….

Rita, apart from a certain Piedmont’s inland success, was far from reaching that national popularity that she was longing for. No record contract, but only a lot of very disappointing events, such as a negative audition at RCA Italy, the world wide international record label, that had under contract, at that time Elvis Presley, Harry Belafonte, Sam Cooke ,Neil Sedaka and many others.
Another failure came from an audition for an impending television kids show at RAI TV – the national Italian television company –, and so on and so forth…
Finally, they don’t let her sing at the famous Olimpia night club in Milan, that presented at the time artists such as Colin Hicks , Shirley Bassey, because of her age and small physical stature. In other words, a dramatic escalation of bitter disappointments for poor little Rita.

At this point, she starts to feel insecure and with bad feelings about her future as a pop singer and her mother Maria felt too that way, just to make it worst.
“ Women should get married and build a real family” she kept saying all the time to Rita and to the whole surrounding family, but in order to get her husband support.
Papa Giovanni, on the contrary, kept being her Rita’s number one fan. But unexpectedly one day he said to his wife: ”Ok!!!You’re totally right. From now on, we’ll never talk it again!!!”

Suddenly Rita saw all her artistic wishes fall down and get broken . Nevertheless , she resign herself to one’s fate and accept her destiny as a normal housewife with lots of brats to care and spoil.
The “family idea” didn’t make Rita happy, but events and fate seemed to be against her, so the only right thing to do is to accept all of this.
But it wasn’t so!
In fact, her father’s changing thoughts were only meant to keep her wife down and calm, while he was still supporting in silence and secretly his daughter.