Surprised? Well pleasantly I hope.

I decided on this restyling of the site, with new graphics and lots of useful
optionals, as the first preparatory step to receiving all the new material the site will host in the very near future, from 2010.

After five years of almost complete silence, while I was stepping back into my own life through a rest-cure of eating, sleeping, “chilling”, and enjoying myself, I wanted to bounce back with a site which is not just a total work-over of itself, but therapy for me: a way of turning the spot-light back on every corner of myself: a site which is making waves almost before appearing.
- first of all, for all my fans, there’s the free download of a track which is an absolute one-off, never heard in public, plus
- various interesting snippets of news dedicated to all those of you who’ve been writing and mailing since 2005, all asking the same questions: “When will we hear from you again? When will you go back to singing? When do we get to see you on stage? On television? We miss you, Rita, hugely.”

Well I miss you, believe me, and though I can’t satisfy those last requests, there’s news about the first which I hope will please you:

I’ve decided to produce and distribute, independently, and possibly by the end of the year or at the latest by spring of 2011, a un Box Set -DVD + CD- , of my last theatre show,

“ Rita Pavone – La Mia Favola Infinita – Farewell Tour 2004/2005 “

I also wanted to announce, hot from the press,

a brand-new album of songs for 2011.


Now I’m free to do as I like, with no contractual ties, I feel it’s the moment to make my secret dream come true:
To produce, record and publish a series of albums of the various types of music I’ve always considered part of me and my artistic and vocal identity.
To produce albums which finally gratify Rita Pavone the artist, and not just, as happened in the past, the recording companies and their target! No ties, no interference: my own free choice.

I want to go back to living and breathing the emotions which only come from doing what you really love.
That’s what I intend to do, and this new web site is the visible symbol of the open road I’m swinging out: free at last!

I’m going to enjoy myself, and put myself to the test: to surprise myself, and you, and …….. if you love me, you’ll follow me, as the Italian expression has it …..!

A huge hug,
Rita Pavone