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November 1965

1965 - 13 November - " STASERA: RITA ! " - First episode

STASERA RITA !               RAI TV - Show ( 4 episodes)

Broadcast : 13 Novembre 1965 –  First episode 
* Directed by : Antonello Falqui
* Authors : L. Wertmüller / Leo Chiosso
* Coreography : Don Lurio
* Original music and  orchestra conduction  : Franco Pisano
* Organization : Ferruccio Ricordi
Host guest : Rita Pavone

* Rita sings:
Stasera con te
Strong Love “   with the British group , The Talismen

" Il Plip "

Rita  and the American corographer, Don Lurio


For the first time in the Italian TV history, a prime time show is conducted and entirely dedicated to a new young star, who emulates with astonishing skill and great capacity and intelligence the greatest stars from USA.
A unanimous huge success of public and critics grants to the program

a special mention at the famous Montreux International TV Festival.
     Everybody crazy for her fabulous impersonations of Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Al Jolson, The Dolly Sisters and Mina. She hosts big Artist like Gina Lollobrigida, Paul Anka, Gianni Morandi, Teddy Randazzo, Mina, Adamo, the Kessler Twins, Ugo Tognazzi and many many  others.
In one episode, Mina and Rita, two big TV stars, exchanging their songs: Mina singing Pavone’s “ Amore Twist / Che m’importa del mondo/La partita di pallone/ Come te non c’è nessuno / Pel di carota “ -  and Rita answering with - “ Il cielo in una stanza / Una zebra a pois / Moliendo café / Città vuota (
Empty Town )  Due note “  and finally together

“ Stasera con te “ and  “ Ciao Ciao ( Down Town )“.